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Welcome to Shielded Components

Welcome to Shielded Components

Shielded Components specialises in the design and manufacture of precision metal components including board level EMI / RF Shields and related small steel enclosures and components. Located in Christchurch New Zealand, we supply components to telecommunications and electronics manufacturers throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Europe. Shielded Components can manufacture any type of small metal components, designed in-house, or from any your existing drawings. Using specialised fabrication techniques, including CNC EDM wirecutting technology, precision forming machines, and high grade press tools, shields and components can be manufactured to custom needs, whilst maintaining a high standard of quality.

We a specialists in manufacturing EMI/RF PCB level shielding for the electronics industry. These through hole or surface mount shields are commonly used to protect systems against unwanted RF/EMI interference.

We also pride ourselves on the ability to produce virtually any small metal components; ranging from connectors, clips and brackets, through to small enclosures and other specialised sheet metal parts.

View our gallery to find examples of the types of parts we are currently manufacturing.
Shielded Components - PCB EMI RF Shields, Precision Sheet Metal Components