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Shielded Components specialises in the design and manufacture of precision metal components including board level EMI / RF Shields and related small steel enclosures and components. Located in Christchurch New Zealand, we supply components to telecommunications and electronics manufacturers throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Europe.

Precision Prototyping (1-50 items)

  • Prototype supply of precision parts including folded and drawn shielding cans, clips, heatsinks, and brackets.
  • Complex shapes cut at very close tolerances.

Short Run Production (10-1000 items)

Folded Cans.jpg
  • Our experience in low volume manufacturing allows us to supply competitively priced, high quality products, even in small volume requirements.
  • Quick turn around, low cost tooling often results in lower overall part cost compared with other cutting methods such as laser/turret cutting, and chemical etching.

High Volume Production (1000-250,000+ items)

rf shields
  • In house toolroom.
  • Global materials procurement to ensure quality and competitive price.
  • Tape and reel packaging of components to allow high speed, high volume automated placement.

Whether its for a small number of prototypes, or large production runs, we can manufacture the precision metal components that you require!

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Tape & Reel Packaging
Shielded Components has in-house tape & reel packaging available for components.

PCB Shield Design

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One piece, two piece, folded, drawn, through hole, surface mount. Which option is best.

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RoHS Information

Shielded Components ensures all products comform to RoHS directive 2002/95/EC.

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